On not being superwoman

“You don’t have to be a super woman, you just need to be supernatural”

This quote came across my Instagram a few weeks ago.  It was from Christine Caine, a gifted bible teacher and one of the most prophetic female voices of this generation.

“You don’t have to be a super woman, you just need to be supernatural” 

One night after hearing this, while almost asleep, the following words came into my mind with the prompting only the Spirit can give – so much so that I got up to write them down before I could forget them.

The superwoman: 

…does it on her own

…has limitations

…runs out of fuel

…believes it's all up to her

…has faith in her abilities or powers

…is out to save the world.

The supernatural woman: 

…partners with the Holy Spirit

…serves a God without limitations

…has infinite resources

…knows it's not all up to her  

…has Faith in her God

…is out to save the world. 


Supernatural simply means “unnaturally or extraordinarily great”.

Beyond the laws of nature.

It’s hard for us super-ladies to accept help sometimes isn’t it?  We can handle it.  Look at our Instagram accounts - we got this parenting, working, dating, wifing (wife-ing?) thing down. The proof is right there! Check out our tweets, everything’s GREAT.

The reality is, Superwoman is a fantasy.  

Sure, there’s pressure out there.  There are a number of ways social media has made us feel the need to excel in everything.  

A few minutes online will tell you that you have to be a professional photographer, taking perfectly artistic black and white shots of architecture and/or your family. 

You have to be a crafty woodworker, able to take old pallets from behind Home Depot and turn them into headboards and coffee tables. 

You should have an eye for interior design, so you can professionally photograph your perfect house with knick knacks placed JUST. SO.

Lastly, your spiritual life should be inspiring and your quiet times consistent – this is verified with daily documentation.

I have felt the pressure at times.  Have you?  If those things come naturally to you, that's amazing.  It they don't, it's hard not to feel like they should.

Sometimes it feels like we have to be superwoman.  Sometimes, we WANT to be superwoman.   It validates us.

To tackle the world and our todo list in one giant leap. 

There is no woman that can do this thing called LIFE on her own.  No matter how independent, self sufficient, educated, or strong we are – we were not meant to function in this world by ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a helper with you all day to help you accomplish all of your superhuman tasks?  Someone to help you with decisions, to equip you with a superpower when you needed it, to tell you exactly what God was wanting you to do in any given situation?

Like how to keep calm when your son comes up with a bloody rag around his hand and says, “Mom, I was playing with my knife and I cut my thumb really bad and I don’t want to look at it”.

Or maybe you need refreshment when you’ve had a hard day and you want to go back to bed - and it’s only 8:00 am.

Single ladies, what if your helper had insider information and could see into the future and then could stand by and weigh in on the guys you date?  

Well I have good news for all of us.  If you are reading this today and you have a relationship with Jesus, you DO have a helper.  He’s even better than Batman’s Robin.  He is God HIMSELF, living inside of you.  

We hear a lot in the church about having a relationship with God.  We hear a lot about having a relationship with Jesus.  But I’m talking about the 3rd person of the trinity.  The One that lives inside of us and whose purpose it is to equip us, empower us, build us up and help us as women.  The Holy Spirit. 

The part of God that turns our natural into SUPERNATURAL.  With His help we become “unnaturally and extraordinarily great” women!

We have the Holy Spirit in us.  The bible tells us He’s there to teach us, guide us, gift us and intercede for us.  Let that sink in.  You are not alone in this life.  You have a personal helper with you everywhere you go.

In Ephesians 5:18, Paul says to be “Filled with the spirit” 

This word filled literally means to “keep being full” or “to fill to the full”,  to full measure, full to the brim – ongoing.

In order to continually be filled with the Holy Spirit, our supernatural helper, we must get used to talking to him, inviting him to come upon us, to go with us in our day, to direct us.  We have to acknowledge him.  Acknowledge that he’s been placed inside of us.  Get to know Him.

Let today be the day you begin a new adventure as you intentionally involve the person of the Holy Spirit in your relating to God.

If you would like to know more – listen to my audio series about the Holy Spirit.