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Kim loves to teach both men and women, but she has a few messages that God has given her specifically for women.  Contact us if you’d like her to speak at your next event!

From hero to zero: How social media affects our self worth.
Ever experienced this scenario?  You are feeling great about your life, your vacation, your family, your job... and then you see that one status update, or instagram photo - and everything changes. Suddenly your life isn't as bright as it was, and certainly isn't as perfect as the pictures that parade across your computer screen or smartphone.   Join Kim as she takes a thoughtful and humorous look at the spreading epidemic of social media envy - and as she turns to the only place we can find our true value and worth: the Word of God.

You don’t have to be Superwoman.  You just need to be SUPERNATURAL.
Have you ever felt the pressure to be Superwoman?   The reality is, juggling home, work and ministry life requires more than just a cape pulled from the playroom costume bin.  This talk encourages women to embrace the partner they have been given in their life of faith: the Holy Spirit.  

It’s time to be brave and say YES!
Kim looks at the lives of two women that are at the opposite ends of the social spectrum, but who are both used in God’s plan to deliver the people of Israel.  Women will be walked through the amazing story of Deborah, the fourth judge mentioned in the book of Judges.  They will also learn about Jael, a nomadic tent dweller that became God’s chosen heroine in a story of courage and faith.

Taming the tongue
Using James 3, Kim talks about the troubles that our tongues can get us into.  Anger, complaining, criticism, and negative words are just a few ways we can harm others or ourselves.  Words are powerful, and Kim encourages women to use them to build up their families - while also giving tips on how to tame the tongue.

Postpartum Depression
Kim is a two time survivor of Postpartum Depression.  After her recovery, she volunteered for several years as a Northern California coordinator for Postpartum Support International.  She also began writing a book titled “I Just Had a Baby, So Why Do I Hate My Life?”  Kim would be honored to speak to any group of women about postpartum depression. What it is, what it’s not, and what to do if you think you or someone you love is struggling with it.