I would never leave you alone

My 9 year old son came running out to my car this morning, panic on his face. 

I had just gotten settled into the car with my daughter and we were about to pull out.   As he reached the sidewalk, I rolled down my window in confusion.  His face was exasperated as he threw his arms up in the air and blurted out “There’s no one here and you’re leaving!”

He thought I was leaving him all alone. 

“Noah, dad is upstairs in his office on a call.  I would NEVER leave you alone.”

His face relaxed into relief and he dashed back up to the door and disappeared inside.

I would never leave you alone.

How many times does God whisper that promise to us throughout the day?

I would never leave you alone.

We panic, we fear, we think it’s all up to us and we are all on our own.  We think he’s gone to run an errand and has forgotten our situation.  Maybe he’s forgotten that we are still here.  Could we really be forgettable?

My son thought I forgot about him.  He thought I forgot that he shouldn’t be left in the house by himself. 

I didn’t forget.  I could never forget him.  He’s my child.

My children are always on the forefront of my mind.  And you are always on God’s mind.  He will not forget you.  He has not forgotten about you and your needs and your dreams and your hurts.  He would never leave you.

Someone needs to hear this reminder today. 

God has not forgotten you.  He would never leave you.

Be encouraged.  Let these words soak in.  And like my son, let the relief wash over you as you acknowledge their truth.

“Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic... For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither leave you nor forsake you."   Deut 31:6