Finding Contentment; Life Doesn’t Come With A Remote Part 2

Sometimes our lives are like sitting in front of the television. We might end up in a show that is full of suspense, drama, sadness, or warfare... or maybe we have to sit through a boring infomercial that seems to go on forEVER.

How do we find peace and contentment when we are in a season that we are bored of, or scared in – or we are just OVER? The Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians that he has learned to be content.

In this message, Kim shares what Paul has to teach us about mastering the discipline of contentment.

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Kim finishes up the summer series on the topic of friendship. Why is it important? How do you build friendships as an adult? Did Jesus have friends or just followers?

As women we can sometimes get too busy or too hyper-focused on life's issues to pursue friends... but when we are going through a hard time and are feeling vulnerable and alone - we feel the deep need for them.  Jesus valued friendship, and so should we.

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Finding Solitude

The word NO is an anointed word. It’s a very important word. Your no is just as important as your yes. And sometimes that means you will say no to ministry, to an invitation to serve, to spending time with friends. It’s not about isolating yourself. It's about recognizing a season to pull back and find some solitude. This month Kim shares what we can learn from Jesus and his practice and pulling away for times of solitude.

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Jesus Napped

Have you ever felt mentally exhausted and physically tired, but instead of resting, you throw yourself into the next project or the next item on your todo list? Or maybe you just have another cup of coffee.  Because there’s no time for rest.  June marked the beginning of the Bagels & Bible summer series, where Kim looks to Jesus as our example of how to make room for rest and refreshment in our lives.   In June, she talks about that time everyone else was in a panic and Jesus took a nap.  Jesus assessed his need for rest – and then he rested.  

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