Combining bible truth with breakfast - perfect match, right? 

Bagels and Bible meets one Saturday a month to foster fellowship and spiritual growth among women in the East Bay. It's a casual time for girlfriends to come together to learn about and be challenged by God's word.  

Come join us - and bring your favorite coffee mug!  

Where: Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, CA                

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
No homework. 
Sorry, no Child Care

Contact: Kim Rogers at Kim@walkworthy.today


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Summer Series: Life Doesn’t Come With A Remote.

June - August

We all love to have control... but we often don't HAVE control, do we? What do we do when someone else seems to have control? What do we do when our life stops on a show that we don't want to participate in? What about when we DO get our hands on the remote, but we channel surf for two hours because there is so much to choose from we don't know where to land??

This summer we will talk about all of this and more - I love for summer to feel light and fun, with some challenge thrown in there as well. It's a great opportunity to bring a friend!

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Past Studies (recordings)