Build the ark.

Is God asking you to do something big?  To step out in blind faith?  You might feel like Noah, asked to build a ridiculously giant boat during a dry spell - with no water in sight.  And you begin the work of building your boat, in a drought, because the God of the universe told you to believe Him and build.

Sometimes, God asks us to believe in something bigger that what we see in front of us.  He asks us to trust Him and step out in that trust.  To make decisions based completely on faith.

Faith is the assurance that something is there or is happening, even if you can't SEE or TOUCH it.  You act as if you can see it.  As if the very thing God told you is going to happen.  

When God asks you to build an ark, you build it.

Even if it makes you look foolish.
Even if no one else understands.
Even if people think you are crazy.
Even if you don't see anything that remotely looks like He will bring the rain.

You might be like Sarah, waiting on God to bring her the child He promised her.  

The rain is coming Sarah, trust and get ready.  Don't take it into your own hands.

You might be like Elijah, waiting for the promised rain, but only seeing a cloud in the distance the shape of a fist. (I Kings 18)

The rain is coming Elijah, trust and get ready.  It's almost time.

You might be like Joshua, marching around Jericho with trumpets and a golden chest.

The rain is coming Joshua, trust and get ready.  Just follow my direction. 

Someone reading this right now knows EXACTLY what I am talking about.  In fact, you wish you didn't understand so completely.  Because faith is hard sometimes.  Trusting what you can't see has gotten difficult.  You have been doubting that you heard right.  You have been wondering what is taking so long.  You have entertained thoughts of handling it YOUR way - at least then you can control how it rolls out.  Oh wait... except you can't.  Remember Ishmael?  

I'm writing this to encourage you.   Focus on the task at hand and BUILD. THE. ARK.  

Keep seeking Him, stay close, listen for His Spirit, and press on.

He has proven Himself faithful.  The rain will come.